In present days we are hearing one or the other dreadful disease all over the globe. We have come across many such dangerous diseases and in present technology days, we need to have some or the other way to get to know the spread of such diseases and need to monitor or stop them. To do that, GermTracker is the project started by Humanaut with the collaboration of

Team is really doing well in predicting the spread of germs or diseases with the health related Tweets. Yes, GermTracker project looks for every health related tweet in Twitter and will come to a conclusion of the area which may get sick with that disease. Let us know more about it.

Germ Tracker by Humanaut

GermTracker Analyses Health Related Tweets

There is no way to know where the germs go next and to track common health symptoms as they keep on spreading. GermTracker analyses the health related tweets shared on Twitter. It makes use of Twitter to forecast diseases and germs in real time. Humanaut partnered with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence along with using language learning AI programs to analyze health related tweets and finds out the risk of getting sick currently in your area.

GermTracker helps in,

  • Monitoring the areas which may get affected and getting sick.
  • Can alert authorities regarding new outbreaks.
  • It allows to spread awareness regarding new outbreaks.
  • Helps to reduce the affect.
  • Can be used to strengthen the surveillance by knowing the geographical location.
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